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A helmet might save your life. Gibbs Law will save your sanity. – Jane L., injured cyclist and former Gibbs Law client.

The lawyers at Gibbs Law Group are cyclists. We understand how heavily the deck is stacked against cyclists or pedestrians in any encounter with a motorized vehicle. At the very least, the cyclist or pedestrian much more likely to be seriously injured.

Whatever the cause of your injury, the injured person is suddenly plunged into a time-consuming, stressful set of demands from doctors, hospitals, the police, and insurance companies while trying to recover and deal with what are often terrible injuries that cause disability and distress. The insurance companies involved – even your own – only want to minimize what they pay, and may hound you to resolve things quickly and cheaply.

It takes knowledge and experience to help an injured person deal with all these stressors while healing, and it is almost impossible to do it alone. If you have a strong case and we accept you as a client, we will take care of you. We will relieve you of all of the fear, worry and work involved in making the best claim you can, maximizing the likelihood and amount of your recovery of money damages and working to reduce any amount you might have to reimburse your insurance company or Medicare for your health care services. You can focus on healing and putting your life back together.