Dispute Resolution

Life sometimes presents a situation for which a lawyer can help. Some issues are not just narrowly legal problems, whether it’s a problem with a neighbor, a property, a service agreement, or a promise. You may want to talk to someone who sees you as a whole human, a community member, or a family member. We will take into account the context, so we can provide wise counsel.

Both Susan and Gary are trained mediators. Gary has spent the greater part of his 30+ year career in the law working on behalf of his clients or as a mediator to resolve disputes in the least adversarial way possible, given the nature of the case and the personalities of the parties.

Both Gary and Susan have, as advocates, learned that the highest and best use of their skills, knowledge, experience and, finally, wisdom, is to help their clients develop a dispute resolution strategy that takes into account the context in which the dispute has arisen. This means that they work to understand the lives of their clients in a deeper way than many attorneys do. The advice that they give is deeper, too. When asked to recommend a litigation strategy, they offer options that fit the lives their clients lead. In some cases, that means pulling back from an all-out fight, or understanding the attorneys and parties on the other side, so proposals can be crafted that meet the real interests of both sides in conflict. Susan and Gary use hammers when there are nails to be pounded, but are able to use diplomacy when the path to peace can be paved with cooperation.